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The Bosch Private Collection is a range of stylish kettles with matching toasters to meet your needs and look great in the kitchen.

The Kettle has a superior gloss white finish and 3100 watts for rapid boil.

Combining classic style and practicality, the Bosch TWK6031GB white plastic kettle features a large 1.7 litre capacity and a double sided water level indicator so you can energy efficient manage the volume of water to be boiled.

The stainless steel limescale filter in the spout is easily removable for cleaning. It is also very easy to fill the kettle either through the spout or the lid, which has a handy release button at the top of the handle.

This kettle also features a cool wall so that when hot the outside of the kettle is cooler.

Ideal for making a quick cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, this modern kettle also features a double sided water level indicator and a removable stainless steel filter.

Easy to remove and keep clean, you’ll always enjoy a filtered cup of your favourite hot beverage.

*Manufacturer Refurbished