Bosch Tassimo Multi Beverage Machine Red T40 TAS4013GB



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Bosch Tassimo  T40 Multi Beverage Machine Red TAS4013GB

The Tassimo TAS4013GB features an intelligent barcode system, which will identify your selected beverage and automatically adjust the temperature, time and amount of water for each and every cup – giving you the perfect hot drink every single time. This particular machine also boasts a simplistic one button operation system for both convenience and performance.

With 35+ varieties of hot beverages to choose from, you can rest assured that you will always be spoilt for choice!

  • 1300 watts.
  • 3.3 bar pump pressure.
  • Water capacity 2 litres.
  • Water level gauge.
  • Removable transparent water tank.
  • Adjustable cup stand for any size mug.
  • Drip tray.
  • Descale warning feature.
  • Cord storage.
  • Size H27.3, W20.4, D33.4cm.

The smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee is delicious, and with this Bosch Tassimo Multi Beverage Machine you can now enjoy your favourite coffee at the press of a button. Pod capsules of your preferred beverage – tea, cappuccino, cafe crema, espresso, latte, macchiato or hot chocolate – are inserted into the machine and then flow heater technology means that in about a minute you’ve your hot drink!

Automatic de-scaling ensures that your hot drink is free from sediment or limescale, while a drip tray collects any splashes or spills for minimal mess. The high capacity 2L water tank means you won’t have to re-fill too often and a height adjustable cup stand allows you to interchange large latte glasses with small espresso cups. The strength of your drink is adjustable and there’s no need to clean between drinks.

*Manufacturer Refurbished